Hugh Grant visited the “The Graham Norton Show”, where he joked that the reason he signed on to the HBO drama “The Undoing” was because he needed a break from his young kids.

The 60-year-old actor, who became a first-time father in 2012, when he was 51, is the father of three; he and wife Anna Eberstein subsequently had two more children, in December 2015 and  March 2018.

“I did this job partly to get away from my young children as they are exhausting at my age,” he quipped, via the Daily Mail.

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However, he admitted that wasn’t quite the way things worked out.

“I thought it would be great to have a break but every time I arrived in New York I missed them so badly I was a mess, so every scene was suddenly a cue for tears for me. I’d even go into a cafe and ask for a cup of coffee and the tears would come!” he continued, jokingly suggesting it had improved his acting.

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“Having spent a career unable to muster a single emotion, I find in my old age I can’t stop them,” he added. “It’s something to do with children or love, or my wife, or something, but I can’t keep it at bay.”

During the conversation, Grant also discussed his experience contracting COVID-19 near the start of the pandemic.

“I got it and I was very brave and manly about it! I got it right back at the beginning — I actually didn’t know what it was,” he explained.

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“It felt like mild flu and then a rather alarming complete loss of smell, which culminated in me sticking my head in dustbins sniffing, thinking, ‘There must be something here’ and spraying myself in the face with my wife’s Chanel No. 5 but smelt nothing.”

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