Tiffany Haddish sits in for Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s edition of her daytime talk show, welcoming guest Ludacris via Zoom.

During their conversation, Haddish brings up the recent announcement that the “Fast & Furious” series will be coming to a conclusion after two more instalments.

“Man, they just announced that. We’re gonna end on 10 and 11,” he said.

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“Me personally, I thought we were going to end on 10,” added Ludacris. “But I’m not at all sad about it. ‘Cause you gotta think about it: I came out in ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’, we never knew we were gonna get a call back for ‘[Fast & Furious] 5’. Now I been in ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’. And now they’re telling me there’s gonna be two more? I’m happy!”

He added: “To hell with being sad — be happy!”

The conversation then turned to Ludacris’ new Kid Nation project, which aims to educate children about current events through music.

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That led Haddish to pitch her own rap song in which she warns youngsters to “eat your veggies, or no dessert. Talk back to me and you’ll get hurt.”

Meanwhile, Haddish also revealed that she assisted boyfriend Common with his photoshoot for People‘s new Sexiest Man Alive issue.

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“The day that I found out that he was gonna be in this, I showed up to his house, he had exercise equipment all outside,” Haddish recalled. “I came in and there’s a barber, a makeup artist — I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ He like, ‘I got Sexiest Man Alive.’ I said, ‘The sexiest man? The sexiest man alive?’ He like, ‘Well, I’m one of the sexiest men alive.’ I’m like, ‘You my sexiest man alive, but we gonna have to do something about those abs.'”