Big Sean and Post Malone were raised by the wolves.

On Friday, the artists dropped the official music video for their recent collaboration “Wolves”.

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The trippy video features night-soaked images of a city, a red moon looming over the skyline, as well as silver men in police uniforms, referencing George Lucas’ futuristic 1971 film “THX 1138”.

Both Big Sean and Post Malone are seen in a big warehouse, performing in front of a giant red circle.

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“I was raised by the wolves, ate ’til they full/Run through the night, playin’ with your life,” the duo rap. “Go against the pack, that’s risking your life/Better play it right, yeah, you better play it right.”

“Wolves” was first released as a single in September, following the release of Big Sean’s fifth studio album Detroit 2.