If there was a Pulitzer prize awarded for withering sarcasm, Brian Williams would be polishing up his acceptance speech right about now.

On Friday night’s edition of “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams”, the MSNBC anchor showed a clip of Geraldo Rivera on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends”, offering a downright dubious suggestion.

“I had an idea… with the world so divided and everyone telling me ‘He’s gotta give up’ and ‘Time to leave’ … why not name the vaccine ‘the Trump’? You know, make it like, ‘Have you got your Trump yet?'” said Rivera.

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“It would be a nice gesture to him,” added the former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant before praising the president’s handling of the virus — which has led to more than a quarter-million fatalities and an average of nearly 1,000 COVID-19 deaths in the country each day.

After playing the clip, Williams offered commentary.

“You know, for my money, Geraldo raises a good point there. It’s possible we just don’t give the president enough credit for his FDR-like devotion to tackling this virus,” Williams deadpanned. “His laser-like focus, his daily devotion, the sympathy he’s forever expressing to the families of the quarter-million dead. Even the way the president lectures us in that way to please wear a mask and stop the spread. And he’s always advocated injections. Geraldo may be on to something.”

Williams continued: “What Trump Steaks did for the hungry, what Trump Water did for the thirsty in our nation, what Trump University did to lift up the uneducated in our country, well along comes Trump: The Vaccine. Possibilities, I think you’ll agree, are endless.”

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