Tyler Perry’s philanthropy throughout the pandemic has been well documented, from leaving a $21,000 tip for restaurant workers to giving away supermarket gift cards in a neighbourhood.

With American Thanksgiving approaching, Perry mounted an even more ambitious giveaway, giving away non-perishable food items and gift cards to feed 5,000 needy families.

Perry announced the giveaway — which took place o Sunday morning at his Atlanta studio facility — earlier in the week, via social media.

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“First come, first serve of 5,000 families while supplies last. Although we wish that we could feed everyone in need we will close the line at the 5,000th family,” the poster for the event declared.

According to a report from Atlanta’s Fox 5, cars started lining up on Saturday and eventually became so long that it caused traffic backups.

Fox 5 spoke with the first person in line, Jeanette Walton, who arrived at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

“I’ve been blessed in where my job has allowed me to work from home, but still I’ve had other family members that have lost jobs and had to move in,” she explained.

“That’s really why I’m here because when you have to take on the burden of others, you find yourself in need yourself,” she added.

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According to TMZ, the event’s organizers also made certain to keep pandemic safety a priority, with those picking up food required to wear masks, and Perry’s staffers outfitted in full PPE.

TMZ also shared drone footage of the lengthy line.