Audiences are just moments away from the premiere of Shawn Mendes’ new Netflix documentary, “In Wonder”.

However, a few lucky fans from his home country of Canada were able to view the film early and also take part in an exclusive Q&A hosted by eTalk’s Tyrone Edwards.

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On Sunday, the 22-year-old spoke with members of the Mendes Army on Zoom and shared why it was so important for him to share his journey of self-discovery.

“The truth about a documentary is that there’s not a wrong time, there’s always a right time,” he said. “But, today I’m grown past the guy in the documentary.”

Added the “Wonder” singer: “Something that I constantly forget, it’s not just about the music, I think you guys appreciate me as a human being. I’m under the belief that I’m superman. But you guys know I’m not superman.”

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Throughout the candid film, viewers get transported to his hometown of Pickering, ON., where they meet his mom Karen, his dad Manny and his sister Aaliyah. For Mendes, it was important for him to capture “where you come from and kind of where you started.”

“Going back, regardless of how much I’ve grown outside the city when I go back something switches in my brain,” he shared.

Continued Mendes: “You’re going to get the most original version of me instead of filming of me in Los Angeles.”

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Not only do fans get a tour of his Toronto apartment and childhood bedroom, but they also get a more intimate look at how his close friendship with Camila Cabello turned into the deep, romantic relationship they have today.

“The stuff with Camila is really special to me,” he revealed. “The truth is these guys know I’ve been writing songs about Camila for years. We’ve been best friends since we were 16 years old.”

“There’s this one scene that reminds me of how lucky I am to have her,” Mendes admitted. “We’re at the VMAs…I always get nervous for any award show cause I really care. I’m breathing, and I’m playing and she comes over and goes ‘You know that I love you right?’ — when she says that, it’s going to be fine, your world won’t end. I’m really proud of the vulnerability of the film.”

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“In Wonder” premieres on Monday, Nov. 23 on Netflix.