News of a possible “N Sync reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards spread like wildfire yesterday, and today, Lance Bass fills us in on how the rumours started on his SiriusXM show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass. “Justin Timberlake is getting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award this Sunday at the awards, so of course people are automatically going to think we’re going to be there performing,”; he told listeners and added, “I knew these rumours were going to fly.”;

The teen idol-turned-radio host admitted the Instagram pic he posted of himself with fellow bandmates Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick at JT and Jay-Z’s show in New York  last week is what sparked it all: “I think that’s what started the rumour that there was going to be this big reunion with “N Sync.”;

While Lance never denied or admitted the band was getting back together for a performance on this Sunday night’s awards show, he did show love for fans who have been generating reunion buzz. “It’s amazing to see the reaction out there on Twitter and social media of how many people really are supporting a thing,”; he said. “When we ended things 10 years ago, there was no social media, so, I mean, there [were] no Twitter fans or that type of stuff. It’s so cute to see how many people are supporting it.”;

Listen to Lance in his own words, below!