The stars of “Normal People” has fun finally watching the series together, while turning it into a drinking game.

Paul Mescal, 24, is one of the stars on the cover of British GQ‘s new “Men of the Year” issue, and in the magazine he talks about the experience of rewatching his breakout role with co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones.

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“We hadn’t actually watched it together, Daisy and I. Because of lockdown, we hadn’t done that, so last week we got together and watched the whole thing through,” he says.

“We actually ended up playing a little drinking game: every time Connell wouldn’t complete a sentence or any time Marianne would make an emphatic statement that made Connell uncomfortable we did a shot,” Mescal reveals. “We ended up talking over most of it, just reflecting on particular days, costume changes, memories. It was very special to get to do that with her. The thing we shared – will always share – is so unique.”

Paul Mescal. Photo: Mariano Vivanco for British GQ
Paul Mescal. Photo: Mariano Vivanco for British GQ

The Irish actor also talks about what it was like being thrust into the spotlight by the success of “Normal People”.

“Brutal, if I am honest with you. Totally brutal,” he admits. “At first you think, ‘Oh, this is a bit glamorous,’ when someone is taking a picture of you buying ready-to-eat avocados and cigarettes at the off licence, but soon enough you feel it begin to infiltrate your brain.”

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The star also opens up about his decision to focus his career on acting, rather than Gaelic football, which he had been playing.

“I really struggled with that decision: choosing one thing to focus on that I wouldn’t get utterly bored with,” he says. “Acting was something that I didn’t really know how to do but I could see how it would take a great deal of dedication. It was a team environment, but one with an almost hermitic lifestyle for the individual players – just going in and being totally absorbed by it. That really appealed.”

Talking about the sport he used to play. Mescal says, “I played it on the sly for two years. I had already decided to give it up in my final year but then I got slapped pretty hard across the face and my jaw snapped. If sport was my thing on the side, I had to drop my thing on the side. No distractions.”

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