Mike Tyson spoke about his big return to the ring this upcoming weekend during an appearance on Monday’s “Good Morning America”.

Tyson is set to take on Roy Jones Jr. in the ring in Los Angeles on Saturday, Nov. 28 – 15 years after retiring from boxing.

The sportsman said when asked if he’s really “going to go in there and knock the guy out”: “Well listen I ain’t trying to knock nobody out, but I am trying to protect myself at all times.”

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Tyson added of why he’s getting back in the ring at 54, “Listen man, I have been getting in shape, I have been feeling good, and my daughter asked if I wanted to fight somebody I said ‘no way but does he wanna box me?’ He is an MMA fighter. He said yes and I said I will box anybody.”

The former professional boxer went on to say how difficult it was for him to get in shape: “It was very difficult only for one particular reason, I had to lose 100 pounds but other than that I always have done this my whole career.”

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He revealed of how he lost the weight, “I became a vegan, my wife [Lakiha Spicer] told me to get on a treadmill. I went from 15 minutes on the treadmill and I winded up ending at two hours. I kept going to the gym, watching my diet,” before ripping off his shirt to show off his body.

Tyson will be raising money for charity with Saturday’s $49.95 pay-per-view.

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