‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He Is ‘Still Trying To Get Back To Normal’ After His Horrific Hand Injury

Buddy Valastro is still on the road to recovery.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about his new baking holiday show “Buddy vs. Christmas”, premiering on Food Network Canada Monday, Nov 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the “Cake Boss” star explains that he is still “trying to get back to normal” after his shocking hand injury.

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Back in September, Valastro suffered a horrific accident when his right hand was impaled with a metal rod as he was fixing the pinsetter of his home bowling alley.

Revealing that he is still on the mend months later, he says, “It’s pretty wild. I mean, I had this huge metal spike that came out. It went right through my hand. And, you know, I had about three surgeries so far. Still swollen. You know, there’s a lot of scar tissue. Still going through a lot of physical therapy. I might need multiple surgeries. We don’t know exactly how much hand strength I will get back.”

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When it comes to getting back in the kitchen, Valastro contends that he is “motivated” to get back to work.

He says, “I’m trying to use [my hand] as much as I can in what capacity,” adding, “If I can’t do something, I’m like, ‘Hey, help me with this. Or move this. Or [here’s] what I need.’ And it’s just me being like the conductor in that room, which — a lot of the times — that’s what I do.”

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Meanwhile, Valastro is looking forward to fans seeing his new show “Buddy vs. Christmas”, which challenges other artists, who are not bakers, to create the greatest Christmas designs.

“This show really celebrates artistry,” the pro cake designer explains. “It’s kind of a different approach, you know, because generally I go against other cake artists and stuff like that… this time, I’m going up against masters in their own fields.”

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