PARADE Magazine ‘What People Earn’ Issue

PARADE magazine’s 30th annual What People Earn report is spilling the beans on how much money Americans made then and now.

For anyone who wondered what Ryan Seacrest made before his American Idol hosting gig, or what Johnny Depp did to make ends meet, the issue – on newsstands now – has your answers.
Before getting his big break on 21 Jump Street, Johnny earned $13,500 selling pens over the phone.

Meanwhile, Jon Hamm paid his rent waiting tables for $14,350 a year – mere pocket change, compared to his $2.3 million Mad Men salary.

Sarah Palin who now rakes in $1 million as a Fox News analyst, earned only $64,000 as the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Taking top prize in PARADE’s salary round up is none other than Lady O herself, Oprah Winfrey who brings in $290 million as the CEO of Harpo. The media mogul previously earned a not-so-shabby $200,000 as a host on AM Chicago.

Check out the current issue of PARADE magazine for more celebrity then-and-now salaries, including The Hunger Games writer Suzanne Collins’, Nicole Snooki Polozzi’s and more:



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