“The Office” star Rainn Wilson is encouraging people to educate themselves about climate change and global warming.

The actor has vowed to use his platform to raise awareness in the fight against the climate crisis.

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“I always believed in the science of climate change, I just was never really doing anything about it,” Wilson explained in a new interview with Mashable.

“And by the way, that word ‘belief’ is a very, very strange word. One doesn’t believe in science, science just is.”

Revealing why he decided to stop being a slacktivist, Wilson recalled, “[I thought,] ‘Rainn, this is something you seem to care about. You read the articles, and you are concerned about your son, and your son’s children, and their children, and the future of the planet that you love so much. But the only thing that you do literally is send out an occasional angry tweet about it. And you’ve got to do a hell of a lot more, both in your personal life and in your role as a public figure in the media.'”

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Speaking about the feelings of his “The Office” character, Dwight, towards climate change, he mused “I think Dwight is part right-wing nutjob, but he’s a diehard environmentalist. And he would never let party override his passion for the science and his passion for the planet, as witnessed by his dedication to Recyclops.”

Wilson also revealed his plans to create “a virtual Arctic base camp” which would be a “big event with musicians and scientists, and actors, and environmentalists that will be streaming online.”

He added, “I’m gonna try and get my new good buddy, Billie Eilish to take part in that.”

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Wilson concluded, “It feels like one person doesn’t make a difference… but if we get 100,000 people changing their lifestyles, that’s gonna make a little difference. And if it’s a million, even more. And if it’s 10 million, even more. If it’s 100 million, even more. So we have to shift [to] this consciousness that it’s crucial that we all take active steps.”

Wilson’s “An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change“, six-part docuseries, is available to watch on YouTube or up top.