Justin Bieber’s recent hit “Lonely” looks at the hardships the Canadian singer has had to face growing up in the spotlight from a young age, something Donny Osmond knows all too well.

While chatting with People, Osmond, who first sang “You Are My Sunshine” on ” The Andy Williams Show” at only 5-years-old, told the publication that the lyrics hit home.

“I can really relate because I’ve been through it and I came out through the other end of the tunnel and I admire Justin because he’s changed his life. He’s married. He wants to focus on the relationship with his wife,” Osmond said.

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Osmond also shared about the loneliness he faced.

“When you go from hysteria and people screaming your name and you go back to pure silence and you’re so alone, you can’t go out,” he said. “You can’t show your face, you can’t do anything.”

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“I remember crawling up into a ball,” he sadly added. “In a corner and crying my eyes out really from loneliness. So I know what Justin’s going through, what he’s been through. And it was at that time in my life, I thought I need to take care of myself.”

Osmond now credits wife Debbie Glen who he says “saved my life”. The two just celebrated their 42nd anniversary.