‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Shares Thanksgiving Plea From Prison

Joe Exotic is reminding people that he is a “real person” and not a movie or a film.

The “Tiger King” star took to Instagram on Monday, Nov. 23 to share an emotional message with his followers.

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Captioning a photo in which he can be seen tending to his tigers, he wrote, “I am a real person who has been screwed by this system. I am not a movie, not a film or an object to profit from.”

Exotic continued, “My mom has died, I have lost over 2 years with Dillon [Passage], my dad is dying and my life is ruined. When will this nightmare end.”

The former zookeeper added a series of hashtags to the post, including, “#freejoeexotic,” “#pardonjoeexotic” and “#helpfreejoe.”

Exotic also tagged Donald Trump and conservative political commentator, Sean Hannity, in the post.

He has previously written to Trump, asking to be pardoned.

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Days after his plea, Exotic shared a Thanksgiving message to followers.

“Please think about the last three holidays I have spent in here while all the people that lied to put me here and the people that made money off of films, products, and so on with the people that put me here under false pretense enjoy their freedom and their families during the holidays,” he said according to TMZ. “I would love for some of you that has the power to pick up a phone and contact some pretty influential people to do so, so I could go home before something happens to my father or [his husband] Dillon.”

Exotic rose to fame thanks to the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King”, focusing on the large cat centre he ran.

The 57-year-old ended up behind bars at the end of the series for allegedly attempting to hire someone to kill his main competitor, Carole Baskin.

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