Michael J Fox’s kids are big Lil Nas X fans.

Fox made a surprise cameo in Lil Nas’ music video for “Holiday”. The “Back To The Future” actor reprised his iconic role as Marty McFly for the rapper’s festive visuals.

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“He got a hold of my agent and asked if I could do it,” Fox told James Corden on “The Late Late Show” on Monday. “My kids went crazy, they are young adults, they went crazy.”

“They were like, ‘You have to do this. If nothing else this year, do this.’ And I did it,” he continued. “And I hadn’t met Lil Nas yet but his crew came to the office to shoot the video and they were great. They shot it right here in my office and it’s great.”

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Fox also reflected on his starring role in the 1987 comedy film, “The Secret of My Success”.

“Trying to keep my clothes on,” Fox replied when asked what he remembers most about filming the movie. “I was in a pool, I was out of a pool. I was running down hallways in my underwear… it was all about keeping my clothes on in that movie.”