Catherine O’Hara talks all things “Schitt’s Creek” in a new interview with Studio 10.

O’Hara is asked how she and fellow Canadian Eugene Levy met during the chat, with the pair having a friendship that dates back to the ’70s.

“I got a job as a waitress at Second City Theatre in Toronto and Eugene was in the cast. I auditioned a couple of times and finally got in to work with him,” the actress explains, adding, “We tried dating a couple of times. Everybody in the cast and everybody around Second City dated because there’s nothing more attractive or sexy I think than making each other laugh.”

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O’Hara goes on, “It didn’t work out with Eugene and me and that’s a good thing because we’ve had a wonderful friendship since and he really is a fine gentleman, he’s a great writer, a great actor.”

The “Home Alone” star also speaks about the possibility of a “Schitt’s Creek” reunion or a movie in the future.

Interviewer Craig Bennett says he’s having “serious withdrawals,” as O’Hara insists: “So am I!”

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She adds, “I’m game for anything. I think a movie would be great, we all had such a wonderful time doing it that I can’t imagine we’re going to totally let go.”

O’Hara also opens up about her and the “Schitt’s Creek” cast’s huge win at the Emmys, what she’s got planned work-wise for next year, and more in the clip above.