An unwanted visitor was arrested earlier this month after he was caught living in Jennifer Lopez’s mansion in the Hamptons for six days.

Police confirm that JLo had a restraining order against the suspect, John M. Dubis, 49, of Rhode Island, before the incident.

The man raised eyebrows when some of the singer’s workers saw him occupying the residence’s pool house for almost a week. They reported the information to Southhampton Town Police Department on August 8.

Luckily JLo and family were not at home while the man was squatting on the property.

The suspect – currently in jail – was charged with two felonies, including 2nd degree burglary and criminal contempt. He pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court on August 9 and is being held at the Suffolk County Jail with a $100,000 bail set.

The judge has ordered an investigation to determine if the accused is “fit to proceed”; in relation to the criminal charges.