Pamela Anderson Unveils New Initiative To Protect Canada’s Herring Population

Pamela Anderson is throwing her support — and her money — behind a new initiative to protect depleted herring stocks off Canada’s West Coast.

Through her Pamela Anderson Foundation, the B.C.-born star has funded a Hornby Island Conservancy project to protect Canada’s herring population; herring sustain larger fish such as salmon as well as orcas, and if herring populations are depleted it will cause a chain reaction that affects other ocean species.

“Protecting foundational species is key to preserving life,” says Anderson in an exclusive statement to ET Canada.

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“People always ask me how to save the whales…” she continues. “To protect the whales, we must protect the salmon, which feed primarily on herring. This is why we are urgently focused on conserving Canada’s herring population.”

For more information on this new initiative, visit the websites of Hornby Island Conservancy and the Pamela Anderson Foundation.


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