The latest edition of the “9021OMG” podcast is an emotional one for hosts Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling as they remember late “Beverly Hills, 90210″ co-star Luke Perry, who passed away in March 2019 after suffering a massive stroke.

“This is honestly the first time I’ve talked about it with a microphone other than just to [Tori] personally and privately. It’s just really hard. I still don’t accept it in a weird way… It’s definitely tricky,” Garth told Spelling.

“Obviously, you guys can tell we had a lot of love for him and it’s a hard thing to navigate,” Spelling added. “I guess none of us ever thought we would get to that point where one of us would be gone. That’s not something you think about in life… You just feel that emptiness.”

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Spelling continued by recalling the “heartbreaking” moment when Ian Ziering “slipped” and asked for Perry while the reunited cast was “BH90210” during the summer of 2019.

“There’s always eight of us and you count, and Ian turned around and said, ‘Where’s Luke?’ And then I just saw him catch himself,” Spelling revealed. “He turned away and I could just see his heart breaking and he started to cry. It was what we were all thinking though. We didn’t feel complete. And we still don’t… Although [the fans] never got to see the behind-the-scenes, the view into him that they did see, they nailed it. He was just as special as they all thought he was or wanted him to be. Even more so.”

Garth explained, “That character you saw a lot of who Luke Perry really was. They were very similar in their makeups. With Luke, you loved him the minute you met him, you were just engaged by his charisma, but it wasn’t over the top, it was just like this really calm, easy vibe that he would give off to everyone and I think that Dylan did that too. And that’s why America and the world fell in love with him.”

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Spelling agreed, noting that “the only thing different” between Perry and his “90210” character was that Perry was far funnier than Dylan. “He was hysterical and never minded making himself the butt of the joke,” Spelling added.

“I was just riveted every time he was on camera,” Garth responded. “I don’t know if that was because I was a fan girl and excited for Dylan or if that was because of missing him or what it was, but I loved it. I loved watching every second of it.”