For the latest edition of her “No Filtered” podcast, Naomi Campbell is joined by a very special guest: the “elusive chanteuse” herself, Mariah Carey.

During their 45-minute conversation, the British supermodel brought up a controversial 22-year-old comedy routine about Carey that resurfaced earlier this year.

The bit, from Sarah Bernhard’s 1998 standup special “I’m Still Here… Damn It”, mocks Carey’s biracial heritage, using the N-word while joking that she’s hanging out “at the Royalton Hotel suite with Puff Daddy and all the greasy, chain-wearing Black men.”

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“People can be very hurtful, but one of the things that hurt me, because I care about you, was what Sandra [Bernhard] said,” Campbell told Carey. ” I was just like, ‘Are you for real?’ How did that even slide by? It was so rude and disrespectful. And I will say it here: complete racist. You don’t say that!”

“You are Black,” Campbell added. “You have every right. You are working also, in a professional capacity. I just felt like, now, I wanted to clear that up because I was p**sed.”

Carey was glad to have Campbell’s support. “I wish I would have called you back when it happened because I was so upset and there was nobody — nobody came to my rescue at that point,” she said, insisting she let Bernhard’s comments slide because they reflected her “ignorance.”

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Campbell continued by criticizing those people — including Bernhard — who are now publicly declaring their support of Black Lives Matter after having previously made racist comments.

“Let’s really remember what you said, because those things will come back to haunt you, know what I mean?” added Campbell. “Now you want to backtrack.”

For old time’s sake, check out the awkward moment from 2018 video when Carey bumped into Bernhard in Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM studio.