Wendy Williams is not buying into all the Charli D’Amelio drama.

Last week, the TikTok star posted a video in which she talked about garnering 95 million followers, but complained about not making it to 100 million on the first anniversary of gaining her first 1 million.

She was promptly hit with a wave of backlash, with some bashing her as “ungrateful,” leading her to make a tearful apology.

D’Amelio was a topic on Tuesday’s edition of Wendy Williams’ talk show, and the host honestly had no idea who she was.

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After watching the apology video, Williams was unimpressed.

“I don’t see any tears, I don’t feel sorry for her,” she said. “These TikTokers, these children these days, who are their age — they live for the drama.”

Williams then pointed out — correctly — “She probably has, those millions of people who left her — they’re back — plus there are even more brand new people to follow her.”

Does Williams think the backlash was deserved? “Yes!” she insisted. “Who doesn’t get backlash?!”

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However, Williams had some advice to offer the young TikToker, who did indeed win back all those followers who’d left, and did wind up surpassing 100 million followers, telling D’Amelio to “stay ungrateful and you collect those cheques.”