Barack Obama Tries To Show Off His Skills In A Game Of Wastepaper Basketball With Stephen Colbert

Barack Obama loves playing basketball, so Stephen Colbert decided to test his skills.

On Global’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday, the former U.S. president sat down for an interview to talk about his new memoir A Promised Land.

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At one point, Colbert decided to turn the interview away from politics, challenging Obama to a game of wastepaper basketball.

“If I win, you have to mention me in your next book,” Colbert said.

Things don’t go well for the former president, though, and by the end he admits, “I’ve lost my swag on ‘Stephen Colbert’.”

Also in the interview, Obama talks about his frustrations with how the current president has handled the coronavirus response.

“I think that that is a measure of how detached from reality and how embedded ideological and conspiratorial thinking has become, where you’re doing it even when it’s to your disadvantage,” he said.

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Later, Colbert asked about the story in Obama’s book about telling his staff his staff he’d decided to run for president, before telling his wife, who then told him, “No.”

“How did you get away with that?” the host asked. “And what were you thinking?”

“Clearly I was not thinking,” Obama admitted.

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