Shawn Mendes is joined by Alicia Keys to discuss love, anxiety, and more in a new Netflix clip.

To celebrate Mendes’ new documentary, “Shawn Mendes: In Wonder”, Keys questions him about what state of mind he was in when he wrote his recent track “Wonder”.

The Canadian singer shares, “For me, I found that I started really young, being a writer and realized that whatever I was told, from this or from that, the path to the most people liking your music is to say the most neutral thing. And to say the thing that can affect the most people is by not saying a whole lot.

“I’ve always loved the music I’ve made, it’s beautiful, it’s about falling in love. Then I went one step further and I wrote a song called ‘In My Blood’ which is about anxiety. You don’t have to be an expert to talk on matters of the heart. You just have to be in touch with the heart,” he adds.

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“I feel like I never gave myself permission to say that stuff before, I always thought you had to be some sort of articulate, well-read professional. But you don’t at all, you don’t have to read one book to know what’s right or wrong.”

Keys then points out that it does feel like you have to put on some kind of a face to have the courage to bare your heart to people and do something that’s new to you.

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Mendes says as the pair discuss vulnerability: “[I realized] I had no vulnerability with my girlfriend, and realized the second I showed that to her, she would fall deeper in love with me.

“And the second she showed that to me I would fall deeper in love with her, that’s the most attractive and beautiful thing in the world, why didn’t anyone tell you that the second you blush, people like you more?” insisting he’s vulnerable with the world, discussing his anxiety, his feelings and more.

See more in the clip above.

“Shawn Mendes: Live In Concert” also launches on Netflix November 25.

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