Goldie Hawn Reveals She Got Some Very Odd Compliments From Dolly Parton And Elvis Presley

Sometimes a compliment can leave you very confused.

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On Tuesday night, Goldie Hawn appeared with husband Kurt Russell on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” and got to talking about the 1972 country album she recorded with the help of Dolly Parton.

“Oh, my god when I met Dolly Parton, I was never so excited,” Hawn recalled. “She opens the door with Porter Wagoner and she looked like just a gorgeous – this beautiful, hourglass, amazing figure and so sweet. She went, ‘Goldie, you look just like Poppin’ Fresh!’”

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Poppin’ Fresh is the name of the famous Pillsbury Doughboy, which seemed like an off compliment to Hawn at the time, but that wasn’t the only odd compliment she’s received from a music legend.

“You know when I think about that, Elvis called me a chicken that had just been hatched,” she said, referring to Elvis Presley. “So I wonder if I look weird? I don’t know?”

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