Josh Duhamel Has Spent Most Of Quarantine Building Stuff In The Woods

Josh Duhamel retreated to nature for most of 2020.

“I spent a lot of time in the woods,” the actor, writer and director of “Buddy Games” says. With a home located “deep in the woods” in Minnesota, Duhamel says the location has been “an amazing respite” from the events of this year.

“I chop wood, I go fishing, I make fires, I roast marshmallows, I ride an ATV around,” he tells Ellen DeGeneres on the latest episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

After revealed he owns a tractor, the actor says he “builds stuff” while out in the woods.

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“I watch this show called ‘Alone’,” he says. “It is the coolest reality show you could ever watch because they take 10 people and put them out in the middle of nowhere and they have to survive. They get to carry 10 things with them and sort of see who can survive the longest.”

As DeGeneres displays a picture of a wooden chair Duhamel built, he says he was inspired to build it after seeing contestants on “Alone” tackle it.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” he asks, admitting that unlike the show’s contestants he had “power tools to build that.” The actor reveals he also built a beach.

“I had this little spot that was overgrown with thorny bushes and bugs and everything else so I built it up, put some stuff underneath it and made a nice little beachfront,” he explains. “You gotta do what you gotta go during COVID, dammit.”

“For me, it’s reconnecting with nature and that’s what I got to do this year and just get out there and unplug,” he adds.


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