Paul McCartney Admits He Sometimes Forgets The Beatles Lyrics: ‘I Forget The Song But Remember The Soup’

Even the great Paul McCartney sometimes forgets song lyrics.

McCartney caught up with the Smartless podcast on Monday. During the conversation, McCartney shared how he sometimes loses track of his thoughts during live performances.

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McCartney, 78, used The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” as an example. “I’ll be doing a song, let’s say ‘Eleanor Rigby’ or something, and I’m on autopilot,” the 13-time Grammy-winner said. “I’m starting to think ‘Oh, what am I going to have for dinner later? Maybe you won’t have the soup but maybe you’ll just go for the main course…’ And I go ‘STOP!’ Because I’m singing ‘Eleanor Rigby.'”

“A couple of bits of my head are going in different places,” he continued. “So sometimes that breaks down and I forget the song but remember the soup!”

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In McCartney’s defense, a comforting bowl of soup is on everyone’s mind this time of year.

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