‘Supernatural’ Star Micha Collins Clears Up Confusion Over Spanish Dub Of Castiel’s Final Scene

No, the ending for Castiel on “Supernatural” was not censored.

On Wednesday, star Misha Collins took to Twitter to clear up some confusion created after a clip from a Spanish dub of the series went viral among fans.



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In episode 18 of the recent final season of “Supernatural”, Collins’ character Castiel died, but not before a much-talked-about moment when he confessed his love for Dean.

“I love you,” he said, to which Dean responded, “Don’t do this, Cas.”

The moment left many fans who had been hoping for an actual romantic storyline between Castiel and Dean frustrated.

But a clip from the Spanish dub of the scene left some fans wondering if the English-language version as filmed had been changed from original script.

As translated, the dubbed version appears to have Dean respond to Castial with, “And I, you, Cas.”

But in his Twitter video, Collins dispelled any notion that the episode had been changed from its original intention.

“There never was an alternate ending of Episode 15×18 when Cas said, ‘I love you.’ There apparently ‘was’ a rogue translator,” he said, adding, “I feel proud of the ending of ‘Supernatural’. I feel like it was intentionally inclusive and a celebration of someone expressing their truth and having good things come of it.”

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He continued in a thread on Twitter.

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