John Oliver is looking back at the start of his Adam Driver obsession.

What started as a joke on the comedian’s hit HBO series, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, continued into an ongoing bit of making sexually explicit comments about the “Marriage Story” star. It then came to a head during the latest season’s finale when the Oscar-nominee surprised Oliver and called him out on his obsession.

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But on Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, Oliver explained where the Driver joke came from.

“The initial seed was one of our writers writing a very weird joke out of absolutely nowhere,” Oliver told Meyers. “The water on the seed… was feeling real resistance from the audience. It felt like only 40 percent enjoyed it.”

But while Oliver didn’t think his audience enjoyed the joke, he wanted it to keep going.

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“They weren’t really happy to have it back,” he admitted. “So, at that point, it became something of an obsession in our staff.”

Watch Driver’s cameo below: