LeAnn Rimes sat down with Dr. Ian Smith on “The Doctors” to further discuss her ongoing issues with psoriasis.

“I used to wear like two, three pairs of pantyhose on stage… sometimes when I was younger…I would wear jeans performing outside in one-hundred-degree weather, it was miserable,” Rimes said.

The “How Do I Live” singer also explained that meditation has not only helped her with her condition but also with her mental health journey. However, no one was ready for Rimes’ beautiful acapella chat of “Human & Holy”.

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“Your voice is so ridiculously and amazing,” Dr. Ian responded. “That is real signing. A drop the mic situation.”

Late last month, Rimes shared a candid essay on psoriasis with Glamour.

“Even though I’ve opened up, I’ve still kept hidden,” she wrote. “And when you’re hiding your physical body, there’s so much that rolls over into your emotional and spiritual mental health. You feel like you’re holding yourself back — like you’ve been caged in.”

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She also shared a series of nude photos, showing off the skin condition.