Glenn Close is looking back at her iconic career.

From 1982’s “The World According To Garp” to 2020’s “Hillbilly Elegy”, Close broke down a few of her roles for Vanity Fair.

“I have not had a career where all the great parts just came onto my desk,” she said. “I think of my career as challenging and working at it. Making things happen.”

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Close spoke about getting her first Oscar nomination for “The World According To Garp”.

“When I got my first Oscar nomination, it was totally out of my realm of possibility,” Close recalled hearing about the nomination while on the set of “The Big Chill”.

And even though Close has had an expansive career she joked that college kids only know her as Cruella De Vil from “101 Dalmatians” and the younger kids as “Guardians of the Galaxy”‘s Nova Prime.

“My entire career is just those two parts,” she added laughing.

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She also said she “would love to be in another” superhero movie, teasing that any director interested should call her.