Courteney Cox Celebrates U.S. Thanksgiving By Recreating ‘Friends’ Turkey-On-The-Head Dance

Courteney Cox is feeling grateful on U.S. Thanksgiving — mostly.

On Thursday, she took to Instagram to share a video in which she expresses her gratitude — along with a little annoyance over a “Friends” scene that comes back to haunt her every Thanksgiving.

Admitting if she sees one more GIF of herself “with a turkey on my head dancing like a f**king fool…” she shared, cutting to that scene of herself doing just that in the iconic “Friends” episode… “I’m just gonna snap,” she said.

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“So anyhow, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go,” she added. “Hope it makes you happy.”

And with that, the video shifts to show the 2020 version of Cox, turkey on head, recreating that iconic dance as only she can, while the “Friends” theme blares in the background.

For old time’s sake, check out the original scene that fans continue to be thankful for each year whenever Thanksgiving rolls around.

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