Australia’s ‘4 Corners’ Calls Out ‘The Crown’ Bosses For Not Getting Bob Hawke’s The Queen Comments Correct

Australian broadcaster ABC’s flagship current affairs show “4 Corners” is keen to set the record straight regarding a season 4 episode of “The Crown”.

A scene in episode six, titled “Terra Nullius”, sees the country’s former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, played by Richard Roxburgh, discuss welcoming Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in 1983.

According to Deadline, “The Crown” writer Peter Morgan quoted Hawke as saying: “An unelected non-Australian who lives on the other side of the world and, for all their good intentions, is a different breed. You wouldn’t put a pig in charge of a herd of prime beef cattle, even if it did look good in a twinset and pearls.”

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However, “4 Corners” have insisted he never said the above, and pointed out the interview actually took place on February 12, not February 26. They also said it happened in Melbourne, not in Canberra.

“The Crown” bosses did get Hawke’s comments about Charles being a “nice young bloke” correct, though.

A rep for “The Crown” declined to comment when approached by ET Canada.

The comments come after Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, urged viewers to remember that “The Crown” is fiction and not necessarily correct.

Sarah Horsley, wife of the late Major Hugh Lindsay, also spoke out against the Netflix show for its depiction of her husband’s death in the fourth season.

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