Carole Baskin Says Donald Trump Pardoning Joe Exotic Wouldn’t Be ‘A Good Move’

Carole Baskin doesn’t want to see Joe Exotic get off without justice.

On Friday, the “Tiger King” star appeared on Channel Seven’s “The Morning Show” and shared her thoughts on the possibility of Donald Trump giving her rival a presidential pardon.

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“I can’t believe that would be a good move for anybody’s political career,” she said.

“Given the fact that he (Joe Exotic) was convicted for two counts of murder for hire and 17 counts of wildlife trafficking and abuse,” she continued, “which included shooting five healthy tigers in the head to make room for some circus cats he wanted.”

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According to The Daily Mail, Exotic wrote to Trump in September asking for a pardon, insisting he was wrongly convicted.

“Be my hero, please,” he said.


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