Maluma is sharing his honest opinions on the Spanish skills of three Canadian megastars.

The Colombian artists spoke about working with Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd while sitting down for a new interview with Complex Canada.

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Asked to decide who was more of a natural at singing in Spanish between Bieber and Drake, Maluma replied, “Well, that’s a good one but I have to say Drake, I have to say Drake. Yeah, sorry Justin.”

However, the “Hawái” singer rated The Weeknd’s Spanish as best overall. 

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He explained, “It’s not because he’s part of my song, it’s because he was such a professional, man, and he wanted to record the hook so many times to make it like almost perfect, that I would say The Weekend because he really wanted to be like super good.”

Praising The Weeknd further, Maluma continued, “[He’s] super professional. Working with him is great. Also, doing the video [for ‘Hawái’] with him in L.A. was beautiful. He’s such a big superstar man.”

Meanwhile, Maluma also revealed the reason why he wants to visit Canada.

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He added, “I love snow, man. I really want to go to Canada and do a snowboard because I love skiing and doing snowboarding. I mean I love Miami, weather right now is beautiful, we have the beautiful sun. But I miss the snow, man.”