By this point, viewers of Netflix’s “The Crown” have been inundated with warnings from royal commentators and historians over how the show is a very dramatized version of the British Royal Family and not to be taken as fact.

Now, Queen Elizabeth II’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter is speaking out about how the show portrays a number of scenes, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship.

Princess Diana is introduced to viewers during season four but the show plays to the narrative that the couple were never happy in their ill-fated marriage, something Arbiter disagrees with.

“I remember going on tour just after they got married in 1981 and she was the first Princess of Wales in about 80 years, so it was a big deal. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Charles used to pat her bum regularly,” Arbiter told True Royalty‘s “The Royal Beat”.


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Arbiter served as the Queen’s press secretary for 12 years and has penned the book On Duty With The Queen.

He added, “There were times when he would even squeeze it, even in Australia. There was a relationship from the beginning. There was genuine love and happiness there.”

Arbiter also commented on the so-called “Balmoral Test,” which shows a very unprepared Margaret Thatcher spending time at Balmoral, including heading out for stalking in the mud wearing heels and appearing in formal wear while everyone else was still in their outside wear.

“What a load of claptrap,” he said. “Nobody is put on test. Before anyone goes to Balmoral, they are briefed on what takes place and what clothes to take. Not how to behave, as it’s expected that you will use common sense. Margaret Thatcher would have no way gone out in her heels.”


Arbiter had comments about the BBC’s investigation into Martin Bashir and his Panorama interview with Princess Diana, as well. He called out their choice of Lord Dyson to lead the apparently independent inquiry.

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“They talk about it as an independent inquiry, but it’s not independent. When you are appointing Lord Dyson to run it, it is not independent. I fear he is not going to have access to the people who matter. Will there be a proper inquiry, will there be a proper result? Or will it be a whitewash?” he asked.

Lord Dyson is formerly Master of the Rolls and a Justice of the Supreme Court in the U.K.

“The Royal Beat” is available on True Royalty TV.

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