Camila Cabello is sharing a late Thanksgiving post to reveal how she gave back over the U.S. holiday.

“I know this has been a really difficult year for people and there are families that right now are struggling to put food on the table — today and every day,” the singer said in a video, adding that she donated to help feed hungry familiesFeeding South Florida.

Cabello asked her fans to give back to a local chapter of Feeding America if they could. “Let’s help make some families happy today and put some food on their table today and be there for each other.”

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She also gave thanks for her family, her community and, of course, her boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

“The intention behind giving thanks and practicing gratitude is so important and I really felt the importance of practicing gratitude in my life over the past year,” Cabello said.

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In the caption of her post, the “Havana” singer echoed the sentiments shared in the clip.

“I know this year has been tough but we can spread joy, love, and compassion when and where we can,” she wrote. “There are so many people in need, if you have the means, please join me in donating a little love to feed families and children facing hunger this holiday season.”