Richard Schiff is urging fans to take COVID-19 seriously.

The “West Wing” actor, 65, detailed his horrific experience with the virus on MSNBC after he and his actress wife, Sheila Kelley, both tested positive earlier this month while in Vancouver, British Columbia, filming the fourth season of “The Good Doctor”.

“It’s scarier than you’ve read and scarier than you’ve heard,” he warned. “You don’t want this.”

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Schiff ended up hospitalized during his battle.

“The conversation that I had to have with Sheila because it didn’t look good for a day or two is a conversation you don’t want to have with anyone ever,” Schiff recalled.

Adding, “I can’t stress enough. This thing will debilitate you.”

Schiff also revealed he was given supplemental oxygen while hospitalized, “It gets into your system and it feels like wherever you think you can get a breath in, it’s going to go there and that’s where the cough is going to go… It wants to stop you from breathing.”

Kelley, 59, previously detailed her own experience with coronavirus, calling it a “slippery sucker.”

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“One minute you feel almost fine and the next you can’t catch your breath,” she said on Instagram. “Symptoms change radically daily even hourly.”

Both Schiff and Kelley are now on the mend.

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