Miley Cyrus doesn’t play around when it comes to pranks.

The “Midnight Sky” singer managed to fill a room with smoke and recreate a real fire situation during a livestream with Aussie artist, Iggy Azalea.

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The pair were discussing Cyrus’s new album, Plastic Hearts, when the fire alarm began to sound.

“I feel like I can’t break the door down, so why don’t we make a plan,” said Azalea. “It’s best to stay under here so we don’t inhale the smoke.”

Cyrus then asked the rapper if she was “freaked” out before saying, “Thank you for nightcrawling with me.”

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“What the f**k is nightcrawl?!” asked Azalea.

“Some s**t I made up,” replied Cyrus, who then revealed that the emergency was actually just an elaborate prank. 

Azalea later took to Twitter to tell fans what was going through her head during the incident: “I had called out and tried to open the door before that! My plan was to get low, put covers over our head, while she called what I thought was 911. Damn it Miley!”

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Cyrus has yet to reveal exactly how she pulled off the prank.