The trailblazing band that rocked throughout the 1970s and ’80s radio with such hits as “Barracuda” and “Crazy on You” will be the focus of an upcoming biopic on Heart, led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Ann, the band’s lead singer, recently guested on SiriusXM’s “Volume West”, and revealed to host Lyndsey Parker that a Heart biopic was in the works at Amazon Studios.

According to Wilson, the film will be written and directed by Carrie Brownstein, guitarist of legendary Seattle punk band Sleater-Kinney and star of comedy series “Portlandia”.

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The film will follow the sisters’ through their childhood in Seattle and chart the band’s rise The film will chronicle Heart lead vocalists and sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson’s childhood and rise to fame in the 1970.

Wilson told “Volume West” that she’d seen a first draft of the script, but the project is still in the early stages of development. She added that no actresses have yet to be cast.

“A few actresses have come forward, but no one that’s right,” Ann Wilson said. “Anne Hathaway came forward, but I don’t think she’s exactly right for it.”

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When it comes to who will be cast, she admitted she doesn’t really have anyone in mind. “I just don’t have any idea. I’m too close to it… I’m just as excited about finding out as you are,” she said.

The conversation can be heard below:

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