Kim Kardashian has revealed that Brandon Bernard has been executed despite her pleas to Donald Trump.

“I’m so messed up right now,” she tweeted late Thursday. “They killed Brandon. He was such a reformed person. So hopeful and positive until the end. More importantly he is sorry, so sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused others.”

Kardashian shared a number of tweets in dedication to Bernard, ending with, “I could go on and on about what an amazing person Brandon was. I do know he left this earth feeling supported and loved and at peace. This just has to change: our system is so f**ked up.”

The day before the scheduled date of Dec. 10, Kardashian took to Twitter to call on Trump to commute the execution of Bernard, who was sentenced to death in a trial marked by irregularities.

“Just spoke to Brandon for what will likely be the last time. Hardest call I’ve ever had. Brandon, selfless as always, was focused on his family and making sure they are ok. He told me not to cry because our fight isn’t over,” Kardashian said after her plea to Trump went unanswered.

During his 20 years on death row, Bernard has reportedly been a model prisoner; even the prosecutor who put him behind bars has now come to believe the sentence was a travesty of justice, and has likewise called for him not to be put to death.

According to Kardashian, she spent 24 hours leading up to the execution “tweeting about Brandon and his case and why his life should be spared by @realDonaldTrump.”

Kardashian also retweeted the opinion of Republican lawyer Brett L. Tolman, former Utah United States Attorney for the District of Utah, who explains why Kardashian is right to call for Bernard’s life to be spared.

Kardashian’s last-ditch effort comes on the heels of an earlier campaign when, in late November, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star tweeted a lengthy thread about Bernard, who received a death sentence for his role as an accomplice in the death of two people during a carjacking that took place when he was a teenager.

According to Relevant magazine, in the two decades since his sentencing, prosecutor Angela Moore has come forward to admit she now regrets the sentence she argued for.

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“I think executing Brandon would be a terrible stain on the nation’s honour,” Moore wrote. “Having seen Brandon grow into a humble, remorseful adult fully capable of living peacefully in prison, how can we say he is among that tiny group of offenders who must be put to death?”

In a series of tweets, Kardashian laid out Bernard’s story in detail, including information on how her social media followers can help try to have his upcoming execution stopped.