Miley Cyrus Responds As Fans Are Left Disappointed Over Lack Of ‘Plastic Hearts’ Physical Copies: ‘I Am Equally Frustrated’

Miley Cyrus has responded after fans voiced their disappointment at not being able to get their hands on a physical copy of Plastic Hearts.

The singer dropped her latest album Friday but social media users revealed on Twitter how they couldn’t find it anywhere in stores.

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Cyrus’s message included, “My fans are everything to me [and] to know y’all are disappointed when going out to stories/calling/checking stock to be let down I am equally/if not more frustrated.”

She explained how she and her team weren’t told beforehand that “major retailers don’t stock physical albums on Black Friday” and that they wouldn’t get copies of it until “a few weeks after release.”

“I’ve outgrown blame,” Cyrus concluded. “It’s a waste of time [and] energy. This album was a labour of love and nothing can sabotage my admiration for the record my collaborators [and] I have created.”

Cyrus’s album went down a storm with fans when it was released last week.

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Colton Haynes was among those praising the LP online:

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