Billie Eilish is reflecting on the last four years.

The 18-year-old singer sat down with Vanity Fair for the fourth year in a row to answer the same questions, showing how much can change from year-to-year.

As Eilish reaches new levels of pop superstardom, like her five Grammy wins and nabbing the upcoming James Bond film’s theme song with “No Time To Die”, Eilish also discussed how 2020 has been a year like no other.

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“I have learned so much more about the way people are living that I wasn’t aware of before,” says Eilish. “The climate crisis and social injustice and all the bad things made me think differently. I will never stop fighting for all the Black and Brown people who have lost their lives to police brutality.”

Eilish also shared some of the advice she’s learned along the way.

“Getting bigger and bigger makes me more comfortable about not having to prove myself,” Eilish explained. “People look up to you so that you will tell them what you, yourself, would actually tell them.”

And another thing that has changed for Eilish over the last four years is a tattoo.

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“I did get a tattoo,” she laughs. “But you won’t ever see it.”

Watch the past interviews below: