Goldie Hawn keeps things simple when it comes to her beauty.

The “Christmas Chronicles 2” star is featured in the new issue of WSJ. Magazine, and in it she shares her daily beauty routine.

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“I don’t do much. I was using coconut oil for a while on my face,” the 75-year-old says. “My mom used 
to do lemon; she’d squeeze lemon, and she’d put it on her face. I also glance a lot at my face, but I don’t study it. I’m not a studier of my face, of my beauty.”

Taking about how she starts her week every Monday morning, Hawn says, “I wake up at about 7 a.m. [The first thing I do is] say some affirmations, which is how my day is going to be — It’s going to be great — take a lot of deep breaths; I breathe big, deep breaths, hold it — especially if I’m feeling sleepy — and, after about four breaths, my eyes just pop right open. Oxygen is a big deal.”

Goldie Hawn. Photo: Molly Matalon for WSJ. Magazine
Goldie Hawn. Photo: Molly Matalon for WSJ. Magazine

Hawn also shares some of the things she’s learned from her daughter Kate Hudson.

“It’s very interesting when you talk about what you learn from your own children because oftentimes when you look at what you admire about them, all you know is that they not only have taken what you have helped instill but also [have] brought it out into the world,” she says. “Learning something from your child is really more about the joy of watching them amplify what it is that you believed in.”

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Meanwhile, during the pandemic, Hawn says that connectivity is “the one thing that can soothe the human heart.”

Talking about spending time during the pandemic with her family, she says, “We play; we see each other a lot. We are all tested all the time, so we are loving and hugging each other.”