The Bella Twins have had a lot to celebrate this year.

Back in July, Nikki welcomed her first child with her fiancé and “Dancing with the Stars” pro Artem Chigvintsev; just one day later her sister Brie welcomed her second child, making 2020 a year to remember.

When the sisters sat down to chat with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, they shared how motherhood has truly changed them for the better.

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“I feel like I’ve become so selfless. Like, it is crazy to me all the things that mattered so much, and then since Matteo has been here, they don’t at all! He is first!” Nikki shared.

“Even vanity wise, so much of it is out the door because you just care about providing for this child and making them the healthiest they can be. Or being there for them every second. I love that ‘Cause that love is like the craziest love ever,” she continued.

“It really is,” added Brie.

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When it comes to how Chigvintsev has transitioned into a dad, Nikki said that fatherhood has made him “so much more adorable.”

“You fall more in love with them because things that they do you’re just like ‘Oh my gosh. It’s so cute!’ He’s just so sweet and gentle,” she shared.

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However, motherhood is just one of the storylines to play out during season 6 of their hit reality TV show “Total Bellas”.

This season also covers their mom’s journey through surgery and how they dealt with revelations from their memoir Incomparable.

The Bella Twins can agree that this is the most honest and vulnerable they’ve ever been on camera.

“Everything we all were going through, you had no choice but to be real. It was like, no filters, no dress-up, here we are,” Nikki stated. “It’s the non-filtered season. As real as it gets.”