Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have been throwing it back to the ’90s on “9021OMG”, their podcast that sees the two besties share stories and secrets from the “Beverly Hills, 90210” set.

“We were not just best friends on camera, we’re best friends in real life, we’re almost like life-partners, you’re my female life-partner,” Spelling jokes to Garth in an interview with ET Canada. “We wanted to do something together. We kinda wanted to do a ‘girlfriend show’.”

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“The thing about getting Tori and I in a room together is we talk a lot,” Garth laughs. It’s that friendship that has made “9021OMG” a must-hear podcast since its debut at the beginning of November. Garth and Spelling, along with special guests, look back at nearly 300 episodes of the teen drama.

“We’ve been friends for 30 years and then we decided — the fans really want to know what happened on the show — so we decided to do a re-watch and watch it all together and give you some behind-the-scenes things and also share our friendship,” Spelling adds.

And rewatching the series is exciting for both stars, especially Garth, who has already shocked listeners with an admission.

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“I’ve never sat down and really watched an episode and you know, absorbed the whole thing,” she reveals. “I’m excited because I missed so much and I know it was a great show but we were so busy and wrapped up in making it so I never really got to appreciate it.”

With the hardships of 2020, Spelling and Garth are happy to offer a bit of an escape as they get nostalgic about the series and its fans.

“The OG fans are one thing,” Garth says. “Those fans are our bread and butter, those are our best fans, they know everything, they’re so devoted to the show, to the characters and to the actors and we’re so appreciative to that. But now, seeing a whole new decade of people starting to watch the show and know who Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin are, it’s just weird to live on and continue to make new fans.”

Spelling agrees: “We were entertainment, we were conversations when it was a different time, a happy time and people celebrated and came together to watch entertainment as a family, as friends and it’s nice to know that our show keeps that going.”