While living in Australia to film the latest “Thor” movie, Natalie Portman reveals her kids have picked up some slang from Down Under.

Not only are Portman’s kids — Amalia, 3, and Aleph, 9 — starting to speak with an Aussie accent, they’re starting to use slang and terms that sound foreign to the American actress.

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“When you want something, they say ‘lollies’ instead of candy, ‘tomato sauce’ instead of ketchup. When you want what you want, you gotta say it like the locals,” she says during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. “‘I’d like some tomato sauce with my chips,'” she mimics with a slight Aussie lilt.

The Oscar winner has been filming “Thor: Love And Thunder” in Australia for “a few months” and tells Kimmel she will remain there to film “for a few more.”

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Directed by Taika Waititi, Portman says she knows “very little” about what is set to happen in the Marvel movie sequel but did confirm her character Jane Foster will become the new Thor in the flick.

The movie is currently expected to be released in February 2022.