Melania Trump is so over the holidays at the White House in a hilarious “Jimmy Kimmel Live” spoof.

Host Jimmy Kimmel shared his take during Monday night’s episode of his talk show, revealing what he really thinks Melania was thinking while she was making her annual Christmas at the White House video.

The spoof comes after the U.S. First Lady showed holiday cheer while touring this year’s decorations in her home.

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But as Kimmel pointed out, Melania’s enthusiasm was hard to believe after tapes of her complaining, “Who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration?” leaked recently.

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So he decided to take it to the next level, complete with “I hate him” ornaments featuring Melania’s husband, Donald Trump, a “This is bullshit” toy train and a fake Christmas album titled Who Gives A F**k About Christmas Stuff?

Kimmel also added some of the holiday tunes featured on the fake record, which included, “If I Hear One More F**king Bell On Christmas Day”, “Away In Who F**king Cares” and “O F**k Off Ye Faithful”.

After reading Melania’s tweet, Kimmel called it “odd,” explaining, “You know, one of the stories that got buried when Trump’s tax returns came out were the tapes of Melania saying how much she hates doing Christmas at the White House but now she loves the majesty of America.”

Kimmel’s bit on Melania begins around the 12-minute mark.