Erin Doherty Reveals Wrapping ‘The Crown’ Caused Her Mental Health To Take A ‘Dip’

Saying goodbye to Princess Anne and “The Crown” was not an easy feat for Erin Doherty.

The actress, 28, who played Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter for seasons four and five of the hit Netflix drama, opened up about wrapping time in the role with Grazia magazine, admitting it actually caused her mental health to take a “dip.”

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“It’s not part of my life anymore… it’s the biggest shock,” Doherty explained. “I said it out loud for the first time only a few weeks ago. I had the breakthrough of my body and brain connecting that I’m not going to play this woman any longer. I realized I had to let go of her. It’s a sad thing.”

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She continued, “We’d just finished filming the fourth season the week before everything shut down [due to the pandemic]. The brakes got put on everything, and my mental health did dip. As an actor, I didn’t have a purpose. I’d gone from zero to 200 miles per hour and then back to zero.”

But Doherty admits the pandemic lockdown didn’t help either.

“I glimpsed red carpet life, and then it was gone again,” she said. “To sit in my own thoughts was a difficult process at first because you tune in with where your body and your mind and your soul and your spirit are.”

Season four of “The Crown” is now streaming on Netflix.

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