Chris Martin Joins Jimmy Fallon For Hilarious Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ Documentary Parody Clip

Jimmy Fallon got inspired after Taylor Swift dropped her Folklore documentary on Disney+.

In a nod to Swift’s recent release about her much-talked-about album, Fallon shared a documentary about an album he wrote with the Roots during quarantine.

A caption read, “Jimmy and The Roots were never able to perform the album together… until now,” with the parody clip showing Fallon and the Roots discussing some of the lyrics on the track while sipping drinks on a patio.

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Tracks included “Peed My Pants In An Applebee’s” and “Song About Milk”, with Fallon saying of the LP: “I was just inspired by the communal experience that we’re all having… alone, but together.”

Fallon was then joined by Chris Martin for track 8, titled “Fuzzy Wuzzy”, the host being inspired by his two daughters over lockdown.

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Unlike Swift, however, streaming services weren’t rushing to release Fallon’s documentary, with the host admitting Hulu, Amazon, Peacock were among those that weren’t interested.

Fallon then insisted they can’t be like “musical genius” Swift, but they could still be proud of what they’d created. That’s when the Roots got out of there, leaving Fallon alone gushing about his work on a patio.

See more in the clip above.

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