Old Swift is new again.

Taylor Swift is hard at work re-recording her back catalogue of albums, and now she’s given fans a first taste of what the new recordings sound like.

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On Wednesday, a new ad debuted for the dating site Match, and Swift revealed that Ryan Reynolds, who is on the board of the company and whose company Maximum Effort produced the ad, asked to use a snippet from her new version of “Love Story”.

Swift announced her plans to re-record her first six albums in 2019, following the sale of her masters to music label exec Scooter Braun.

She began the new recording process recently, while last month Braun sold the masters to private equity company Shamrock Holdings.

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Last week, Swift talked to “Good Morning America” about the re-recording process.

“So far, of the ones I’ve recorded, I think it’s been the most fun doing ‘Love Story’ because the older music, my voice was so teenaged and I sometimes, when I hear my older music and my older young teenage voice, it makes me feel like I’m a different singer now,” she said. “So it’s been the most fun to re-record ones that I feel like I could actually possibly improve upon the song.”